Lightair vinder Nordisk innovations pris 2020

LightAir’s Health+ wins IFMA Nordic Innovation Award 2020

Clean and virus-free Health+ air concept rewarded by the International Facility Management Association.

The Health+ offer from LightAir, the Swedish cleantech company, has received the International Facility Management Association's annual Nordic Innovation Award.

LightAir’s prize-winning concept delivers double protection through both active and passive air purification, using two different technologies. 1 The active air purification, using patented IonFlow technology, is receiving a lot of attention during the pandemic, since research by the renowned Karolinska Institutet has proved that it neutralizes 97% of airborne viruses, while they are still in the air.2 Customers in the Nordic region mainly benefit from the Health+ concept through a subscription offering.

“We have a unique offer and together with our partners we are improving air quality at workplaces and schools. Facility Management is an industry that enables us to reach out widely with these solutions,” comments Joakim Hansson, Business Area Manager at LightAir. "This distinguished IFMA award for the innovation of the year will provide good tailwinds in our Nordic home market, as well as in our international rollout of the concept."

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the largest international network in facility management (FM), with 24,000 members in 105 countries. In recent years, the Swedish division has grown by over 100% and is today, with over 500 members, the obvious industry network for individuals and organizations within facility management in Sweden.

LightAir collaborates with a variety of Nordic sales and distribution FM partners regarding Health+. The first partnership agreement was concluded last year with Coor Service Management – one of the Nordic region's leading FM providers. The company markets Health+ through its Coor SmartClimate offer and was also the nominating partner for the IFMA's annual innovation award.

"We have seen how our customers receive a unique and flexible service that delivers true and great value at both company and individual levels," says Mattias Wahlgren, Group Innovation Manager – Technology, at Coor. “It is encouraging that this offer has received this recognition from the industry. Collaboration with innovative partners such as LightAir adds to Coor's service portfolio and our ambition to always offer our customers the market's very best services and deliveries.”

The Health+ offer is currently available in LightAir's Nordic home market and in a rapidly growing Dutch market. Broader launches in other international markets are underway.


Patented technologies from LightAir

The active air purification in the Health+ offer is delivered through the patented IonFlow technology. This technology uses innovative ionization, which inactivates 97% of airborne viruses while they are still in the air, without passing any filter. Passive air purification takes place through LightAir's patented CellFlow technology, which filters out 99.99% of ultra-fine particles and viruses. Read more at

2 Research reports

Research on IonFlow technology and airborne viruses from Karolinska Institutet – based on seven years of study – was published in the medical journal Nature Scientific Report:  Additional independent research and test reports: